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Easy Wonton Soup

Updated: Jun 6, 2021

Simple Wonton soup

Ingredients for 40 wontons

40 wonton skins

For filing :

150g minced pork

1 tbsp soy sauce

1/2 tsp salt

dash of five spices

dash of white pepper

1/2 tbsp Chinese cooking wine (or cooking

sake, sherry)

2 pieces of spring onion

1 small bunch of choy sum or bok choy

For soup:

800cc water

3-4 tbsp soy sauce (adjust to your taste)

few drops of sesame oil

dash of five spices or white pepper


1 egg- make a thin omelette and cut into

thin strips

1 spring onion- cut finely

3 thin slices of ginger - cut in thin stripes

1 /2 sheet of nori - cut in thin strips


8 pieces of fresh prawns (boil in a soup for a

few mins)

Serves 2


1. Wash choy sum or bok choy and cook in salted boiling water for a couple of


Drain, rinse with water, squeeze and set aside to cool down. Then finely chop.

2. Finely chop 2 spring onions.

3. In a mixing bowl, add minced pork, choy sum and the rest of the seasonings.

Mix well with hands or a spoon.

4. To do wonton wrapping, prepare the kitchen board and small bowl of water.

Lay a few wonton skins down, place 2 tsp of meat mixture in the middle, wet

(or brush) 2 edges with water, hold to make triangle shapes, then wet with water in

both side edges and fold. Continue the same for the rest.

5. Prepare 2 saucepans. One for the soup and one for cooking the wontons.

6. For the soup, boil 800ml water, then add soy sauce, sesame oil, five spices, white

pepper and stir. Add prawns and cook for another 3 minutes.

7. While making the soup, boil the water in another saucepan, add 8~10 wontons

at a time. Stir carefully to separate each wonton, cook until the wontons float,

then add 100 ml of water, cook until float again( about 4 minutes). Remove with

a slotted spoon, straight into serving bowls.

8. Add soup to the wonton dish and place all the toppings.


We all like dumplings! You can add noodles to your soup. You may add any of

your favourite toppings too. You can also use chicken stock for a richer taste.

You can freeze any remaining wontons. Enjoy!!


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