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Jun aka Sawa-San is a content creator who specialises both in Photography & Cinematic Videography. 

During this time of Corona Virus, we have been "staying at home" and my mother & I look to bring some joy to the world by creating both video and podcasts for our friends, family & relatives.  We hope that you enjoy our "stay at home" adventures and motivates you to do the same. 

Kumiko, mother to Jun and 3 other boys is a passionate cook and her favourite cuisine is Spanish.  She has a love for music and her profession was as a piano teacher and at one point had over 60 students.  Now in retirement, she loves to cook, walk, playing the pipe organ & piano, gardening, listen to music and now embraces technology both to keep in touch with friends & friends and also watch her favourite, Rafa Nadal play & Pianist Lang Lang on YouTube.


Insta: @junsawaphotography

Jun Sawa

Content Creator

Kumiko Sawa

Awesome Cook & Mum

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